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      Elegance knows no bounds with MDeck as it's the epitome of high quality and top end products, offering an elegant and sustainable alternative to teak.  It's versatility provides endless design possibilities, allowing you to customise the plank width, joint width, joint types and colours to suit your vessel's unique style.

      Whether you want to achieve the traditional appearance of teak or create a modern and fresh desck with unique designs and refreshing colour schemes, MDeck offers unparalleled design possibilites limited only by your imagination.

      MDeck outperforms in every aspect, from heavy foot traffic and entertaining guests to accommodating helicopters.  Its form and functionality are suitable for vessels of any size and ideal for internal and external applications.  MDeck has excellent flame retardancy and has passed the highest standards, such as IMO, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

      MDeck's buil-in flexibility allows it to fit everywhere, even in tropical or artic environments, making it an eco-friendly choice as it is based on renewable solvent-free resins.

      We take pride in MDeck's performance and know it will exceed your expectations.  All components of MDeck are developed and produced in Europe and are constantly monitored by the manufacturer's in-house quality control laboratory and externally by Intron, an EEC-approved certifying body, ensuring high quality and performanced.


      Say hello to the future of nautical deck applications, and take your vessel to the next level of elegance and style.

      Thanks to MDeck you can finally leave traditional teak decks behind and embrace a more sustainable future.  Traditional teak decks are notorious for there contribution to human-induced deforestation.  MDeck offers a sustainable alternative that reduces the impact on our environment by using renewable, solvent-free resins in its production.

      Since 2012, MDeck has beenthe go-to choice for yachts, cruisers and super yachts throughout Europe, thanks to its unparalleled design flexibility and impressive environmental benefits.

      But MDeck isn't just environmentally friendly - it's also a high performing product that exceeds the strick safety regulations of SOLAS and IMO.  You can trust MDeck is a safe product which will maintain its properties throughout its lifetime.

      MDeck's non-skid material provides maximum safety, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the waters.  Maintenance is low cost and a breeze compared to traditional teak, makingit an excellant investment for any vessel owner.  And in the rare event it is damaged, MDeck is easy to repair, saving you time and money.

      Don't settle for a subpar nautical deck application that harms the environment.  Upgrade to the unparalleled elegance, style and sustainability of MDeck.

      Say goodbye to teak and hello to a brighter future for your vessel and our planet.

      • Authentic Nautical look
      • Stylish and Sophisticated
      • Cooler than other synthetic options
      • Easy to repair
      • Non-skid surface
      • Low maintenance
      • Seamless elegant appearance
      • Eco-friendly
      • UV-blocking properties
      • Marine
      • External
      • Internal
      • Flooring
        • Nominal Thickness 8mm
        • Density 8.7kg/m2
        • Sheet Size 2420mm x 1200mm
        • Fire Safety Test - Item No. MED/3.1. SOLAS 74 as amended, Regulation II-2/4,    II-2/6 & X/3, 2000 HSC Code 7 and IMO 2010 FTP Code
        • Maintenance - Easily cleanable, recommend sealing twice per year, fully repairable
        • Surface Composition - 2-component polyurethane, nominal thickness 4mm, sheet colours Tuscan, Gibson and Silver, Line colours Black or White
        • Baseboard Composition - High pressure pressed acetylated wood fibres, Glue formaldehyde-free, non toxic, nominal thickness 4mm, 100% recycled, Class 1 durability, Excellent dimensional stability, will not absorb moisture.
        Brochure / Specifications
        Care & Maintenance