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      Batavian continues our commitment in searching the World to provide you with the leading brands and we are proud to partner with SeaDek non-skid marine products, an outstanding flooring option for your trailer boat used for skiing, wakeboarding, fishing or out with the family.

      SeaDek can be tailored to fit your DIY budget with Australasia's largest range of 5mm sheets. As the first and largest supplier in the region, we have the history to stand by this product and have demonstrated performance for over a decade.

      Made from UV-protected closed-cell PE/EVA blended material, SeaDek will not absorb water and is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment. 

      As a DIY product, it is easy to cut and shape with a sharp knife and supplied with a unique acrylic-based 3M pressure sensitive adhesive for a lasting bond and easy peel-and-stick application.

      • Exceptional traction when wet or dry
      • Unparalleled comfort underfoot and cool underfoot
      • Shock absorbent
      • Protects against scratches, chips & dents on your boat
      • Highly stain-resistant and easily cleanable
      • Easily cut by hand with a sharp blade
      • Self-adhesive backing for easy installation
      • Increases the value of your boat
      • Marine
      • RV/Caravan
      • External
      • Flooring
      • Lining
      • Sheets are approx. 2m x 1m
      • Comes in 3mm, 5mm 
      • Finishes are Brushed, Embossed and Plank
      Installation / Care & Maintenance
      Specifications / SDS Downloads