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      Woven Vinyl

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      Woven Vinyl is a modern alternative to carpet.

      Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl not only combines both style and practicality, but also has the added benefit of being heavy traffic rated, lightweight, and incredibly easy to clean. The unique cushioned backing provides a durable backing that can be glued or clipped down with the benefit of being soft under foot for long-lasting relief and support.

      For the first time, a luxurious, externally durable and soft floor is a practical alternative to carpet, tiles, concrete and timber when considering marine or outdoor decking requirements. The lightness of Infinity means that the decking does not require the same structural requirements and rigidness it does for heavy tiles.

      If you are looking for the new trend/revolution in outdoor and indoor flooring suited for Marine, RV, Residential, Gyms and Commercial then please consider Infinity.