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      Dek Magic cleaner is specifically designed to keep your SeaDek looking like new. Specifically designed and great for removing dirt, footprints, suntan lotion, fish blood, rust, wine, grease, oil, and more.

      Easy cleaning of PE/EVA nonskid materials and for best results, spray Dek Magic liberally to cover the area needing to be cleaned. With a medium bristled boat brush, lightly work the product in. Let the cleaner sit for 3-5 minutes then use water to dampen the affected area and lightly scrub for a second time.  Rinse the cleaner off thoroughly and dry with a clean towel. 

      • Safe for the environment
      • Removes tough stains from SeaDek
      • Designed specifically for SeaDek
      • Easy spray applicator
      • 946ml trigger spray
      Specification / SDS Downloads